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stories from when the kids were little

Don’t Ask Me Why

Inge has a new game with which to while away the hours. Yesterday afternoon I heard a great banging proceeding from the playroom--a banging that sounded like someone short hitting a mirror with toys. Oddly enough, this is exactly what it was. Inge was parked in front...

Good Manners

Lewis, overheard speaking to a bug floating in the toilet: "I'm gonna flush you down now. Okay? Okay now, ready?"

Sympathetic Minds

Lewis prayed for our lunch yesterday. His enunciation is still developing, which leads sometimes to lack of audience comprehension. Then again...sometimes it doesn't. Lewis: Heeehney Fahr, heeeheeueeheheheheheeeh. Inge and Lewis, completely in unison: Amen.

Tweety Bird

Everyone's watched Tweety Bird cartoons, right? Everyone's seen that little jump Tweety does whenever he spies Sylvester watching him? Remember how the cartoon music goes "WAAH!" and a little burst of surprise-molecules flies out of Tweety's head just before he hits...

Like Herding…Well, Cats

When it's bedtime and three tired and pajamaed kids have truly come to the end of their day, then it behooves us to send up a small prayer that Miss Michelley will not, having got a nap in over her bottle, revive to enjoy the rest of the evening with us. Once that...

A Little Too Short for the Fast Ones

Sons are funny. They make you wonder sometimes. Our son is a random, phlegmatic, impenetrable, unpredictable mass of opacity. Why does he panic? I don't know. I really don't. In my understanding of his life, at least, it could be characterized like this: "He doesn't...