About Me

I am an aspiring activist and blogger, with a passion for women who are oppressed and defenseless within the church.

I believe God hates abuse, calls it oppression, and expects His people to get in the way of power that is being wielded unkindly and without mercy.

I believe God hates divorce, but He hates it worse when a marriage partner hardheartedly breaks his vows and refuses to repent. Divorce is God’s provision for escape from an unbearable situation.

I believe some destructive marriages can be saved, but only with heart change and hard work on the part of the abusive partner.

I believe that up until recently, the church has been one of the worst places for victims of abuse to seek refuge. This is because our little systems of theology have been more important to us than doing justice and loving mercy and walking humbly with our God.

I believe there are effective tools available for identifying and dealing with cycles of abuse, but most people don’t know they exist.

I make it my mission to find those tools, and share them with you.