These days the kids have a competitive streak. Some mornings (like today) they pretty much wake up arguing. I returned a few minutes ago from an early trip to Rosauers to buy some anise seed–which by the way is sold out all over town–to hear this:
Inge: “…walkin’ in a winter wonderlaaaaand…”
Lewis: HEY! (in a tone of voice reminiscent of some Manhattan apartment dweller in a book. I half expected to hear next: “Hey lydy! Whaddaya think this is? The bloomin’ theater?” But no… he had other griefs in mind.)
Lewis: I’m ignoring you. It’s not a bluebird, it’s a blue jay.
Inge: NO, it’s a blue bird.
Inge, appealing to a higher, or at least another, authority: Nelly, tell me, is it a blue jay?
Nelly rose, I must say, nobly to the occasion. The adenoidal little voice drifted clearly down the stairs.
Nelly: NO.
Inge, encouraged by the success of her venture: So, Nelly, tell me, is it a blue bird or a blue jay?
But Nelly’s not at her best with disjunctions yet, so she only mumbled something.
Lewis, boisterously pleased and probably accurate: she says it’s a “pinepone.”