Conversation at dinner tonight:

Lewis: I feel like Superman.
Daddy and Mommy look skeptical.
Daddy: What’s Superman feel like, Son?
Lewis, laconically: awwww, like nothing.
Inge: He’s teasing.
Lewis, indignant: No, I’m not!
Mommy: What does it feel like to feel like Superman, Buddy?
Lewis: mumbles.
Mommy: What does Superman feel like, Lewis?
Lewis: He has a big “S” on all his clothes.
Mommy: But you don’t have an “S” on your clothes, so why do you feel like Superman?
Inge: He’s teasing!
Lewis: No, I’m NOT.Eventually one maybe pertinent fact emerged: “Superman,” says Lewis, “never throws up.”

Daddy: I think Superman does throw up if you give him Kryptonite.
Inge: What?
Daddy: Kryptonite.
Inge: What?
Daddy: If you give him Kryptonite.
Inge: What? What’s Krrriip?
Daddy: What?

All of which just goes to show that you don’t have to be in college to have esoteric conversations.