Overheard this afternoon:

Mary (aka Ingrid): Lewis, you can be Joseph. And now we can go to the ball.
Joseph: NO. I don’t want to go the ball. We’re going to have DESSERT.
Mary: Well. Joseph, does my dress look good?
Joseph: NO.
Mary: It looks good to me. I think I’ll wear this to the ball.
Daddy: Ingrid, maybe Lewis doesn’t want to be Joseph. Have you asked him?
Ingrid: Lewis, do you want to be Joseph?
Lewis: NO.

At this point, a happy alternative came to Inge.

Ingrid: Lewis, do you want to play Snow White and the Prince? You can be the prince!
Lewis: NO.

But according to Daddy, Lewis couldn’t be the prince because of being Inge’s brother. In the end, we hit on the very thing: Inge would be Snow White and Lewis would be one of the dwarves–to wit, Grumpy. It just seemed right.