From tonight: the scene is that bedtime has arrived and is quickly passing us by. Michelle is sleepily taking and resisting taking her bottle, by turns. Lewis has his pajamas on, but Inge professes to be unable to find all of hers, and she can consequently be heard rummaging around upstairs–one suspects not in pursuit of the recommended goal. She has already been down once, attired attractively in pink floral pajama-bottoms and a red shirt. This discrepancy had, oddly, completely escaped her attention. We could hear the whole following exchange because we had the monitor set up right next to us in the family room.

Me: Lewis, go tell Inge that if she can’t find her pajama shirt to come downstairs anyway, because it’s time to pray.

Lewis runs cooperatively to the bottom of the stairs and bellows: Inge, get your pajama shirt on right now, and if you don’t, your mommy will come upstairs and spank you.

Inge, distinctly schoolmarmish: I did find my shirt, and I’m up on my bed looking for Binge.

Lewis, suddenly all sensitive and affirming: Ohhhhhhhhhh. I’d better come up there too.