Inge’s nightly prayers have been getting longer. We enjoy this very much. She’s developed a thankful little heart, and generally thanks God for many things before she starts asking for stuff. The petitionary section has expanded in like measure, though; two nights ago she prayed for (I’m pretty sure) everyone in the world, under one heading or another. She prayed for children without parents, that God would protect them; for parents, especially bad ones, that they would take care of their children; for the foolish, that they would be made righteous; for all who have died, that they would be resurrected and made righteous, too; for all who are sick or suffering; and for enough other things that it filled up about five minutes. Her closing comments stemmed from Peter’s request that she would pray for this season of Lent, and they began like this:

“Heavenly Father, we pray for this lentil…”

Last night she showed no signs of stopping at all, until interrupted by her dad.

“And we pray that if Namma comes–which we hope she will…what?”

Having received instructions to wrap it up soon, she resumed, showing every inclination to touch on another ten topics or so before finishing.

“And…and…and…we pray that Namma and Tappa will have a safe trip. And we pray for…”

Here, because Michelle was also praying loudly for her bottle, Daddy meaningfully inserted, “In Jesus’ name,” and with some reluctance, Inge brought her petitions to a close.