Everyone’s watched Tweety Bird cartoons, right? Everyone’s seen that little jump Tweety does whenever he spies Sylvester watching him? Remember how the cartoon music goes “WAAH!” and a little burst of surprise-molecules flies out of Tweety’s head just before he hits the ground running?

Well, that’s what Michelle does when she’s gotten into the cat food and then notices that her crimes and misdemeanors have been observed. Also, she wears Tweety’s look of diligent endeavor flecked with humor, during her getaway. Of course, the humor on Tweety’s countenance is surely related to his anticipation of what’s going to happen to Sylvester; whereas on Michelley it merely means she knows she won’t make it, but darn it, she’s sure gonna give it all she’s got.

And while we’re on the topic of cat food, don’t ever let anyone tell you that a ten-month old doesn’t understand obedience. This small stinker certainly does.