Claire’s first post. I will be adding, I expect, snippets of parental musings, as parental musing is mostly what I do. These thoughts will be short enough to be completed between one diaper change and the next, which means please don’t hold me responsible for introductions and the like. I’ll biff on here, add half a thought, find out that there’s a diaper waiting to be changed, and exit stage left. In token of which, here’s something. 

Lewis has begun commenting on movies. He turns to whomever he is sitting with and urges his (rather simple) insights until they are acknowledged. “Hat! Hat! Hat! Hat-hat!” Or, watching a movie in which somebody was sleeping: “A-pleep! A-PLEEP!”

Another common funny is his rendering of the word “milk.” eh-MULK.

And yes, Winnie-the-Pooh has already left his mark: this morning I found Lewis stalking about his bedroom with a partially open umbrella, observing, “tut-tut! weenh! tut-tut, weenh!”

The inspiration for this blog just happened a moment ago. Sometimes I am too busy to take care of potential disasters right away, and so, I procrastinate–salving my conscience by taking two-minute readings. (“On the Mommy scale, disaster potential is now at a 6; thirty seconds remaining to zero hour”) The young man had oiled his way into his father’s empty office–on the disaster scale an easy 9 and a half. But he was sitting innocently in a Church-hillian pose on Daddy’s chair, looking proud and inert, so I left him there. On the second check it became evident that a previously held plan had been quickly put into action as soon as I left, for there was Lewis in the same chair with a pipe and an open tobacco pouch, preparing to have a smoke.